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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

About the module

Digital Marketing is a module that combines many areas: new media, online marketing, technologies, PR and e-PR as well as managing relations with contemporary clients. The module has been prepared for people who want to use marketing automation tools and build and implement effective business strategies.

Digital Marketing combines many aspects of e-marketing and branding on the web that are and will be popular around the world. You will learn how to acquire and analyze data, sell a brand online, explore the market, use the latest tools for online marketing. You will learn about strategic planning in e-marketing, we will prepare you for the Google Ads and Analytics certificate, and you will receive a certificate confirming your knowledge in the field of marketing automation.

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Your education path

In order to obtain a BA diploma you need at least 184 ECTS.

In your first year you take obligatory courses and later, starting with the third semester (that is your second year), you choose what you want to study. How? It is easy. Choose at least one module (formerly called a specialty) which is most interesting for you and then continue along  the chosen path till the end of your studies. If you wish, you can take next modules or individual subjects- including those from other fields of study. All modules you complete will be visible on your diploma.

134 ECTS

Obligatory courses


Digital Marketing


Other modules or elective courses

Courses included in the Module

Strategic planning in Online Marketing
In online marketing, the most important element of the campaign is the right strategy. You will learn how to create audits of web portals, conduct a competition analysis and select your target audience. We will show you how to create a marketing budget, work schedule and finally create an advanced e-marketing strategy based on individual elements.
Google Ads and Analytics- preparationfor the certificate
Google Ads is a basic tool in online marketing. We will teach you how to create various campaigns with Google Ads, including: remarketing, text, banner, PLA and others. We will prepare you for the Google Ads and Google Analytics exams. You will learn how to measure the most important parameters in digital marketing, we will explain the meaning of: not provided, not set, bounce rate.
Local positioning, e-commerce, classic and international
You will learn the differences between local, e-commerce, classic and international positioning. You will learn what methods are used in particular types of positioning and what SEO looks like in international agencies. We will show you many cases, you will get to know a lot of technical and advanced issues related to positioning.
Marketing Automation – Certificate
You will learn the principles of marketing automation on the basis of the most popular tools used by agencies and large companies. You will learn what lead is, how to segregate data and how to manage sales.
Certified Specialist Sales Manago. Project
The project integrates in a practical context all the knowledge and skills provided by expert courses within the selected module. As part of the project, you will create your own “real” project to prove that you have acquired expert knowledge and skills related to this module.

Your education path

What options do you have next?

You can choose the recommended module.

You can choose a module from the list those that, in our opinion, will suit you best.

You can choose other modules, including those from the other study programs.

You can choose particular additional subjects, one module is enough to get a degree.

Consider the following options:
Digital Marketing 1
Digital Marketing 2

Digital Marketing Specialist

We strongly recommend you choose the Digital Marketing 2 module after you complete the Digital Marketing 1 module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

Katarzyna Gibek

Katarzyna Gibek, M. A.

15 years of experience in e-marketing. A psychologist and a consultant for many companies

Module coordinator recommendation

It is the perfect choice for you if you want to be able to prepare a promotional campaign using modern media, create effective strategies for technologically advanced products, work in an international environment, be able to design and carry out market research and easily analyze the acquired data. You will be ready to work as: marketing automation specialist, CRM specialist, internet sales specialist.

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