Meet our leadership - College of Economics and Computer Science

Meet our leadership

mgr Marcin Kowalski

mgr Monika Molas-Wołos

dr Przemysław Stach

Stanisław Kowalski, Ph.D.

dr inż. Zbigniew Handzel, prof. WSEI

dr Gabriela Malik

dr hab. Dariusz Put, prof. UEK

Marcin Kowalski, M.A.

Monika Molas-Wołos, M.A.

Przemysław Stach, Ph.D.

Rector’s Proxies:


Rector’s Proxy for Persons with Disabilities – Katarzyna Kowalska-Jarnot, Ph. D.
Rector’s Proxy for Quality – Przemysław Stach, Ph. D.
Rector’s Proxy for Human Resources and Ethics – Joanna Pogódź, M.A.

Head of the Foreign Languages Center – Klaudia Słowik
Head of the Physical Education Center – mgr Marek Miklowski

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