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The module is recommended for those who want to manage personnel professionally. Participants will gain knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct an effective personnel strategy in the company. They will learn how to recruit, motivate and reward employees, optimize working time and effectively communicate with the team to achieve their goals.

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In order to obtain a BA diploma you need at least 184 ECTS.

In your first year you take obligatory courses and later, starting with the third semester (that is your second year), you choose what you want to study. How? It is easy. Choose at least one module (formerly called a specialty) which is most interesting for you and then continue along  the chosen path till the end of your studies. If you wish, you can take next modules or individual subjects- including those from other fields of study. All modules you complete will be visible on your diploma.

134 ECTS

Obligatory courses


Human Resources


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Courses included in the Module

Employee recruitment and selection tools
Recruitment and selection of employees is an extremely important element in today’s economy, it is a component of all team building and management activities in every company. The course mainly deals with practical review of contemporary methods and specific recruitment tools, assessing the potential of future employees, as well as effective planning of recruitment processes in the long term, depending on the company’s strategy.
Performance management
You will acquire knowledge and skills thanks to which you will implement strategies effectively and execute plans at the team and organization level. This course will equip you with tools that will allow you divide even the most complex plans into simple actions, assign responsibility, equip team members with effective work tools, build a reporting, evaluation and reward system, and integrate a continuous improvement system into the team’s work. You will see that achieving goals, plans and strategies can be pure pleasure.
Employee development management
Improving employee competences, transferring practical knowledge and skills and raising their qualifications. Which should result in an increase in the company’s profits and strengthening its market position. However, for this to be a measurable result, some classes will be devoted to building a “learning” organization, where members of various task teams share their knowledge. Competences that will be developed include communication skills, – achievement orientation, – teamwork, – leadership, – customer focus, – flexibility, – stimulating development of others.
Reward systems and labour costs
You will become familiar with with the basic concepts and problems related to remuneration, its motivational aspects and labour costs. You will learn how to prepare and settle payrolls in a system of various components and forms of remuneration, as well as prepare invoices and contracts for specific work and record them.
The project integrates in a practical context all the knowledge and skills provided by expert courses within the selected module. As part of the project, you will create your own “real” project to confirm that you have acquired expert knowledge and skills related to a given module.

Your education path

What options do you have next?

You can choose the recommended module.

You can choose a module from the list those that, in our opinion, will suit you best.

You can choose other modules, including those from the other study programs.

You can choose particular additional subjects, one module is enough to get a degree.

Consider the following options:
Human Resources
Business Psychology

HR Specialist

Zarządzanie sprzedażą
Human Resources

Sales Team Manager

Projektowanie innowacji
Human Resources

Effective Teams Designer

We strongly recommend you choose the Business Psychology module or the Sales Management module after you complete the Business Psychology module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

Tomasz Czapran

Tomasz Czapran, PhD, Eng.

CRM Trainer at Riverland Reply GmbH

Module coordinator recommendation

Classes in this module are run by practitioners and business trainers in the form of workshops, games, simulations and exercises in computer laboratories. If you want to learn the secrets of successful recruitment, provide employees with a satisfactory professional development plan, learn modern employee appraisal systems, and thus manage human capital in accordance with global trends, then you are in the right place!

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