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Hi-Tech Marketing

About the module

The HI-TECH marketing module is addressed to people seriously considering a career in professional marketing and wanting to learn advanced tools in marketing management. As part of this module, students learn about the specifics of Hi-TECH product marketing and global market operations. They will learn an integrated approach to marketing communication and work with advanced marketing technologies used for communication and customer relations.

It’s the perfect choice for students who want to be able to prepare a promotional campaign using modern media, create effective strategies for technologically advanced products and work in an international environment.

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In order to obtain a BA diploma you need at least 184 ECTS.

In your first year you take obligatory courses and later, starting with the third semester (that is your second year), you choose what you want to study. How? It is easy: you choose at least one module (formerly called a specialty) which is most interesting for you and then continue along  the chosen path till the end of your studies. If you wish, you can take next modules or individual subjects- including those from other fields of study. All modules you complete will be visible on your diploma.

134 ECTS

Obligatory courses


High-Tech Marketing


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Courses included in the Module

Marketing management of innovative products
Marketing management of innovative products begins long before the product is launched. The success of innovation depends on how well we understand customers and how well we are able to lead them through the process of changing beliefs, habits and expectations. Creating, promoting and offering innovative products on the market requires understanding of the nature of innovation, customer value and the process of acceptance of new products.
Marketing technologies
“Must-know” for anyone interested in a marketing career. During your classes, you will learn about the latest tools that marketers are currently using to plan, implement and control marketing activities. You will learn about the tools used by modern marketers to coordinate online and offline activities, manage customer experience and customize customer relationships. You will learn, among others, how AR / VR, AI, data science shape today’s marketing activities.
International Marketing
International marketing includes all marketing activities of an enterprise, implemented as part of its economic activity outside and above the political borders of its own country. You will learn, among other things, how to analyze foreign markets, what factors influence a sales decision, how to implement a communication strategy in culturally different environments, how to implement a marketing strategy whose goal is to enter a foreign market with a product.
Integrated marketing communication
During the course, you will learn how to implement marketing communication principles and practices by using marketing communication tools and marketing communication management in an integrated manner. Detailed issues discussed during the course include: the roles of integrated marketing communication in customer relationship management and building value for customers; selected aspects of consumer behavior; communication process, brand, promotion goals and tools, creative strategy, media planning and strategy, direct marketing, sales promotions, PR, and personal sales.
The project integrates in a practical context all the knowledge and skills provided by expert courses within the selected module. As part of the project, you will create your own “real” project to prove that you have acquired expert knowledge and skills related to this module.

Your education path

What options do you have next?

You can choose the recommended module.

You can choose a module from the list those that, in our opinion, will suit you best.

You can choose other modules, including those from the other study programs.

You can choose particular additional subjects, one module is enough to get a degree.

Consider the following options:
Digital Marketing 1
High-Tech Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist for Innovative Products

High-Tech Marketing
Sales Management

Marketing and Sales Specialist for Innovative Products

Innovative Design
High-Tech Marketing

Innovative Products and Services Designer

We strongly recommend you choose the Innovative Design module or the Sales Management module after you complete the High-Tech Marketing module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

Przemysław Stach

Przemysław Stach Ph.D.

Ph.D. in management sciences (Cracow University of Economics), Management Consultant with Factor Consulting.

Module coordinator recommendation

Marketing is more important today than ever before. How can you break through the multitude of products and services with your offer? How to understand customer motivations? What to do to delight the customer and keep him for longer? Take the challenge and gain marketing knowledge. Become an expert in managing the hearts and minds of buyers.

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