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Accommodation & dining

Living in Krakow

WSEI does not offer students dormitories. However, there are plenty of opportunities to find excellent and inexpensive accommodation, both in the center (walking distance) or outside (very convenient public transport connections).

You can find an appropriate place for yourself following one of the links bellow.

Below, you will find student’s accommodation search pages

Hamilton May
pepe housing

Dining in Krakow

There is a student’s bar on the campus, where you can have cheap snack or lunch.

However, there are innumerous places where students can have cheap and delicious food. Especially in the Old City center, where our campus is located. There are snack bars, diners, fast food restaurants on virtually every street. You can definitely find something for yourself, where you are a mean person, vegetarian or vegan. You can find ethnic food or international food.

There are naturally plenty of convenience stores and supermarkets around to do grocery shopping and cook for yourself. Near the campus, there is a traditional food market, where one can buy everything, including fresh bread, meat, fruit and vegetables, and much more.

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