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College preparation program

If you are not sure if your English is good enough

to study in an English program, take heart. You can still make up for your insufficient language skills if you are determined enough. In fact, it may be fun. All it takes is 12 weeks of diligently polishing your English.

If you want to apply for a program in English, but need a boost in your English proficiency, this is for you.

Remedial Course in English as a Second Language

Who for?
Students planning to apply for a program in English
Course objectives

To develop language skills with special focus on Academic English skills

To achieve English proficiency level at B2

Application requirements
English proficiency level at B1
Class size
6*-12 (*Required minimal number of students)
Course duration
12 weeks
Frequency of classes
3 classes a week (3 hours each)
Number of contact hours
1299 PLN
Information & applications
For more information or to apply, please contact:

Please bear in mind, we cannot guarantee you admission if your language proficiency does not improve enough to enable you to take your classes with English as the language of instruction.

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