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POSTPONED: International Seminar on Contemporary Technological and Managerial Challenges

We regret to inform you that, in line with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Council of Rectors of Cracow’s Institutions of Higher Education as well as the local authorities, the Rector of the College of Economics and Computer Science has just decided to postpone and reschedule the Seminar and Workshop event planned for March 11-12, 2020 until further notice. We hope to be able to communicate the new date of the seminar in the near future.

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenience this decision may have caused and appreciate your understanding.

We are willing to publish all the papers you have prepared for the conference and hope to be able to continue our cooperation in the future.

We cordially invite you to participate in the International Scholarly Seminar “Contemporary Technological and Managerial Challenges for Businesses, Public Institutions and The Society” to be held in Kraków, Poland, March 11-12, at the College of Economics and Computer Science.

Managing innovations becomes one of the key strategic tasks facing organizations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. At the College of Economics and Computer Science, we strongly believe in making science and innovation work for businesses and societies. We believe in technology and business coming together, to help address contemporary challenges. We are passionate about continuous improvement and change made possible with an interdisciplinary approach, brave creativity, and rejection of complacency.

This Scholarly Seminar is an opportunity to share and examine scholarly interests and current science as well as applied projects from a variety of fields and topics. The uniting principle is innovation, improvement, and change in the face of challenges businesses and societies face nowadays. To tackle them, we choose to work together, share ideas and learn from one another.

The main issues covered by the seminar include:

  • Identification of global challenges and their impact on businesses, non-profits, public institutions, and the society.
  • Effective and innovative change and/or improvement methods, tools, supporting technologies.
  • Impact of technological innovations on organizations’ and societies’ ability to address global challenges.
  • Impact of process innovations (organizational and managerial) on organizations’ and societies’ ability to address global challenges.
  • Designing better future organizations, institutions, and societies.


The seminar will be also a great opportunity to discuss the potential for future collaborative projects and to build personal ties between our institutions, leaders, and faculty.

The Seminar is divided into two parts. Day one constitutes a forum for sharing the information on the latest scholarly knowledge, applied projects, farsighted ideas. Day two is an opportunity to learn how ideas, technological advances, and scientific knowledge are put into practice.

As of today, there are NO CONFIRMED CASES of coronavirus infection in Poland. However, we suggest a NO HANDSHAKE policy throughout the event. We appreciate your understanding.

A complete program conference is available here.

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