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American vs European Education. How does the combined study program look like?

Prof. Ian McAndrew from Capitol Technology University in Washington D.C. explained to WSEI students what distinguishes the American and European universities during the webinar on the topic “American vs European Education: How They Differ, How They Parallel?”. In his presentation prof. McAndrew paid special attention to what WSEI students should expect from their American year if they decide to participate in WSEI and CTU double degree program.

In the light of signed cooperation agreement between the College of Economics and Computer Science in Cracow and the Capitol Technology University in Washington D.C., we’re being asked, how we’ve managed to combine study programs with such different backgrounds. The answer is simple. The awareness of the power of technology and its increasing impact on our lives is the key.

- I’m the dean in university in America, I’m from England, I live in Germany and I run the doctoral program on the global footprint from my home. Jobs are changing. Many, many jobs do not require you to go to work every day – outlined prof. McAndrew.

Not only the professional field go online. The education system is changing as well. It allows one to study in the European university and then compare their experience with the American education system. To meet the brightest scientists and practitioners from all over the world. All that without leaving one’s hometown or even their apartment.

- Once you graduate, you’ll get an opportunity to do a top-up degree in the Capitol Technology University, whether that’s online or on-campus in America. You would enter in the final year. Initially, we were planning you to do one semester online and then one on campus, finishing your degree and staying for a graduation ceremony. But you could do all of it online if you wish – explained prof. Ian McAndrew.

The established understanding between WSEI and CTU allows WSEI students to do a top-up degree in America without applying additionally. There would be a guaranteed seat for them. – If you apply to another American institution, you’ll have to study and take an additional exam called GRE. You’re expected to get a minimum score to be able to apply. In the case of WSEI students, we’ll recognize all the credits they’ve achieved during their studies in Poland – expounded prof. McAndrew.

Being invited to a job interview is not something easily achieved. That’s why prof. McAndrews recommended WSEI students to use every opportunity, including the study abroad or getting an additional degree to increase their value in the job market. – Please think about your CV. If you have two degrees in two different institutions in two different parts of the world that makes you a much more interesting person to be interviewed – advised prof. McAndrew.

Prof. McAndrew has over 30 years of experience in working in universities around the world, including Australian, American and European ones.

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