What do our lecturers think about WSEI? - College of Economics and Computer Science

What do our lecturers think about WSEI?

We asked our lecturers what they liked most about WSEI

What is our university like? What is its greatest asset? What are classes like with our students?


Inputs have been given by the following lecturers

  • Lucyna Szaszkiewicz - innovator, economist, manager. At WSEI, she teaches Hi-tech Marketing, that is, the latest technologies used in marketing and strategies used by technology companies
  • Katarzyna Kowalska-Jarnot - trainer and marketing consultant. At WSEI, she teaches marketing, marketing research, communication and PR
  • Barbara Wachułka-Kościuszko - at WSEI she conducts classes related to the field of HR
  • Krzysztof Krej - creator and publisher of games. He is the head of the Frozen District studio (formerly: Empyrean Games) that created and released House Flipper - a game that hit the list of 100 best-selling games, surpassing the number of copies sold to date.
  • Krzysztof Kleszcz from Wadowicki Accounting Center- At WSEI, he teaches accounting, human resources and public-law settlements, that includes things that every entrepreneur, accountant and their staff have to deal with on a daily basis.

Find out what lecturers appreciate about WSEI!


Katarzyna Kowalska-Jarnot - WSEI is small, modern and steadily changing. Students are familiar with the faculty , and the general atmosphere is very friendly. WSEI simply has good luck with cool and smart people!

Krzysztof Krej: I like WSEI for its students who are involved and interested in what they do—for the atmosphere and creative thinking

Lucyna Szaszkiewicz: I like WSEI for its positive, relaxed, and partnership-based atmosphere wherein there is room for personal opinion as well as a place for open discussion

Krzysztof Kleszcz: The atmosphere at WSEI resembles a "mutual/ collaborative home". Everyone is kind, nice and helpful. Classes are held in comfortable and well-arranged rooms. It is especially commendable how well the functioning of the whole university is organised.

Barbara Wachułka-Kościuszko- I like WSEI for its open-minded students, their creativity and energy!

Lucyna Szaszkiewicz : WSEI is hacking its way from the traditional education system to the highest level!

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