Young Tech Festival of 2019 is about to be launched - College of Economics and Computer Science

Young Tech Festival of 2019 is about to be launched

2019 Young Tech Festival is the fourth annual IT conference in cooperation with Microsoft Poland. This event is organized by young people for even younger new technology aficionados. This is where students can get inspired directly from industry leaders, who know the ins and outs of IT business.

The rationale behind this event is the development of a business attitude among young people. Being at college is not all about acquiring skills and knowledge. It is also about putting them in practice by developing technologies and creating solutions that can solve real-life problems.

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This year’s Young Tech Festival was yet a great opportunity to listen to the keynote speakers share their extensive international  experience and behind-the-scene industry secrets. This years’ speakers include:

  • Łukasz Miszon - trainer, consultant and mediator who will raise the temperature and tell us how not to be afraid of public speaking;
  • Agnieszka Szurman, IS Service Manager with ABB will reveal how to manage your private and professional projects;
  • Danuta Sztuba, CEO with Reklamea will convince you that the only constant is ... change;
  • Agnieszka Doniec, Program Manager with Motorola Solutions Poland will tell you what business has to do with cats, or how to walk your financial paths.
  • Olga Stefaniuk, Front-end Developer with Sowa Programs will introduce you to UX and tell you how to start working as s UX specialist;
  • Ula Mitas with Women in Technology will confess to you about ups and downs of being a woman programmer.

The event will be hosted by Tomasz Grochowski, a master of a good atmosphere. For more see Young Tech Festival fanpage and the event website.

The event organizer is WSEI’s Career Center.

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