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Hult Prize comes to WSEI!

Hult International Business School organized an informational event that guided WSEI students into coming up with business ideas they think could change the world! Hult Prize is a sector of Hult International Business School that mentors university students around the world to apply techniques which can be used to create innovative businesses in the future. 

In the past, Hult Prize has generated over 250,000 BUSINESS IDEAS through their workshops conducted in over 1500 UNIVERSITIES, where over 100,000 applications were made annually! The focal theme of this year's Hult Prize is the issue of climate change. Nejc Lavric, Hult's representative, emphasized on coming up with a social cause that could earn revenue. The Hult Prize is open to all university students who want to see change in the world through a business idea of ​​their own. The chosen business idea will receive funding from Hult in the form of 1 million US dollars. 

The business idea has to represent an entrepreneurial project fitting climate issues of today. Stefani from Hult also drew attention to the fact that the business idea must ideally tackle local problems and assist the local market. November 5's workshop allowed WSEI students to brainstorm such ideas which can later be used as Hult Prize applications.


The last date to apply is December 17, 2019 


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