Najlepsza uczelnia w Małopolsce
w rankingu pracodawców WPROST

WSEI w rankingu uczelni najbardziej cenionych przez pracodawców
zajęła pierwsze miejsce w regionie (Ranking WPROST 2014 i 2015).

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Akademia technologii Microsoft

Strategicznym partnerem technologicznym uczelni jest firma Microsoft. Studenci realizują kursy IT dostosowane
do międzynarodowych standardów, po których mają możliwość zdawania egzaminów certyfikacyjnych Microsoft.

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Kształcimy praktycznie

Specjaliści praktycy prowadzą warsztaty, szkolenia, a także współtworzą
programy nauczania tak, aby odpowiadały potrzebom rynku.

Studia zaprojektowane przez pracodawców

Programy studiów mają charakter praktyczny i są opracowywane
wspólnie z naszymi partnerami biznesowymi

Tu jest fajnie!

Studenci cenią nas za indywidualne podejście i fajną, życzliwą atmosferę. U nas nikt nie jest anonimowy!

About WSEI

Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki (WSEI or College of Economics and Computer Science) was established by the decision of the Ministry of National Education No. DNS-1- 0145-122/TT/2000 issued on April 14th, 2000 and it was registered as a non-state institution of higher education No. 39. The foundation of the college initiated by Consulting and Training Institute Sp. z o.o. (CTI Sp. z o.o), a Krakow-based consulting company with a long history of successful cooperation with businesses and public institutions. It is the CTI’s deep industry and consulting experience that shaped the college’s practical profile and its focus on the job market needs from the very beginning.

WSEI offers bachelor’s degree programs in three majors:

  • Management (5 semesters, students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree),
  • Finances (5 semesters, students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree) ,
  • Computer Studies and Econometrics (7 semesters, students earn a Bachelor of Science degree).

All the majors can be completed in one of the following modes:

  • a full-time (regular weekday),
  • a part-time (a weekend meeting twice a month).


Why is WSEI worth choosing?

  • The best non-state college in Malopolska (Lesser Poland) Province!

WSEI was ranked as the most valued by employers college in the region (WPROST Ranking 2014 i 2015).

  • Practical approach to college education

Workshops and training sessions are run by expert practitioners, who also co-create curricula to address the job market expectations.

  • Certification of earned qualifications

Within the course of studies, students complete a series of practical courses and are awarded with additional certificates.

  • Microsoft Technology Academy

Microsoft is one of the WSEI’s strategic partners. WSEI’s students complete a number of international standard IT courses in preparation for Microsoft certification exams.

  • A special 3 semester track

Documented relevant industry experience may constitute a basis for exemption from selected degree program courses and shortening the course of studies up to three semesters.

  • Study and work program

Second year students are offered training sessions, apprenticeships, and workshops in the WSEI’s Simulated Company, and are actively supported by WSEI in their attempts to find their dream jobs.

  • Coaching, training, and personal brand building

Courage, self-confidence, and persuasive presentation skills are vital job market assets. WSEI encourages the development of these qualities and skills, and helps students prepare for their job interviews through workshops and coaching sessions.

  • Quality is our priority

The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) recognized WSEI’s commitment to quality by awarding the college with outstanding or very good grades for different aspects of the educational process. WSEI focuses on students who wish to accomplish more than just a certificate of degree.

  • Co-working zone

WSEI handed over to students a modern co-working zone, where they can work or study, read and have a cup of coffee. WSEI supports bold ideas which are constantly conceived in the company of ambitious and talented people.

  • WSEI campus is situated just 0.5 kilometer from the Main Square

The location of the campus has a great impact on lives of WSEI’s students. Between or after classes students can exploit the opportunity to try a great variety of cuisines offered within the Old Town.

  • WSEI’s great reputation

80% of prospective students are referred to WSEI by WSEI’s either current students and alumni or local businesses.


If you have doubts, call us or send us a message. We will be pleased to answer all your questions!

Recruitment-Information Office

Św. Filipa 17 Str.,

31-150 Krakow
tel. 12-431-18-90 ext. 110 or 128
e-mail: rekrutacja@wsei.edu.pl
gg 6969774

We can’t wait to welcome you at our campus!