Microsoft is a strategic technology partner of the university. Students implement IT courses tailored
to international standards, after which they have the opportunity to pass Microsoft certification exams.

Microsoft Technology Academy

Practitioners provide workshops, training
and co-create curricula so that they meet the needs of the market.

We educate practically

The study programs are practical and are developed together with our business partners

Studies designed by employers

Students value us for an individual approach and a nice, friendly atmosphere. Nobody is anonymous with us!

It's cool here!




A direction for people who want to specialize in modern management or marketing. Co-created with Cap Gemini (read more).

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Informatics and Econometrics

engineering studies

Studies for people who care about fast, practical and professional preparation for work in the IT industry. Co-created with Microsoft (read more).

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Finance and Accounting


A practical direction developed jointly with financial and accounting companies and led by industry specialists (read more).

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The best Non-Public College in Małopolska in the opinion of employers, the WPROST 2015 ranking

Postgraduate studies

Are you already in college, do you want to train in an area, share experiences with people in the industry, or simply strengthen your CV? Check out our offer training and postgraduate studies

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Programming School

You do not have time to study, do you want to quickly prepare for the profession of a programmer and guarantee a well-paid job? Be sure to check out our offer # Programming schools

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    Summer School of WSEI
    5 lipca 2018
    Ready for a programming challenge in English with Summer Programming School of WSEI? Check out our summer offer of courses and programming workshops:
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    Calendar of sessions for students
    14 czerwca 2018
    Hello Student! We have some dates for you that are worth remembering! :)
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    8 czerwca 2018
    The House Flipper game, which was premiered on the Steam platform on 17 May, returned all production and marketing costs on the first trading day. The game was created by Krzysztof Krej and his team from the Empyrean company. We are full of pride, because Krzysztof is also a lecturer at our university and a guardian of the Design and Production of Games specialties.

Young Tech Festival

Energetic incentive conference organized by the scientific club.


We educate practically

Practitioners practice workshops, trainings and co-create curricula to suit the needs of the market.

Competences confirmed by certificates

As part of the studies, students complete a series of practical training confirmed by additional certificates.

Microsoft Technology Academy

Microsoft is a strategic technology partner of the university. Students carry out IT courses adapted to international standards, after which they have the option of passing.

"Study and work" program

We have been activating students since the second year of studies, supporting them in finding a job, organizing apprenticeships, internships and workshops in a simulation company.

Coaching, training and building a personal brand

Courage, self-confidence, the ability to persuade and self-presentation are an important asset on the job market. We support students' development through training, coaching and preparation for recruitment interviews.

We focus on quality

We received the distinctive and very good ratings of the Polish Accreditation Commission (PKA). We focus on students who want to get something more valuable than a diploma, that is skills and competences.

Coworking Zone

We have a modern work space for students, where you can work, read and drink coffee. Accompanied by ambitious and talented people, amazing ideas are created. We support them.

Location 500 m from the Main Square

The location of the university is of great importance for student life. In the break between classes, you can enjoy the richness of Krakow's old town flavors


We support in building a career

As Career and International Cooperation Office WSEI we create and develop connections between students, graduates and employers.

  • Students we support in developing competence professional, obtaining job offers and work and expanding your horizons within programs foreign.
  • Graduates WSEI entering the labor market become employers and student donors.
  • Cooperation with business is the key for us. We are an intermediary for companies seeking employees and help for students and graduates who want to develop their career path.

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