Back end development

About the module

By selecting this module, you will have an opportunity to learn to produce software using C# in the .NET environment. You will learn to design and implement software using an object approach, to use UML diagrams and create project documentation. You will find out how to create and program Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Courses in the module

Object-Oriented Programming (C)
You will get acquainted with the architecture of modern operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows 10, and learn about the hardware architecture of mobile devices and Internet of Things. You will complete the course with the knowledge of how logical devices work.You will learn advanced object-oriented programming techniques (in C #). You will learn to manage multithreading, exceptions, apply a class hierarchy, enforce hermetization etc. Also, after completing the course you will know how to operate on various data sources (database, XML, JSON) using the LINQ language. The course prepares for Microsoft exam 70-483 Programming in C #.
Programming in ASP.NET (C)
You will learn key design patterns (MVC, Dependency Injection, Inverse of Control). Based on the project you will create from scratch in ASP.NET Core as part of your class assignment, you will acquire the skill of using best programming practices in ASP.NET framework. The course prepares for the Microsoft 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications exam.
Design Patterns
You will learn the classic design patterns used in software development using examples and in specific applications. You will learn code refactoring using the patterns you have learned.
Recommended supplementary modules

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It Project Management (14 ECTS)

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