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Front end development

About the module

Upon completion of this module, you will be ready to become a website programmer and designer. While participating in classes and labs, you will be guided through elements of HTML as well as cascading CSS style sheets. You will master JavaScript to create professional web apps and to use popular JavaScript frameworks. Also, you will familiarize yourself with common design patterns in order to describe project problems effectively.

Courses in the module

Web Applications Programming (C)
This is an advanced course in HTML5, CSS3 and JS. You will learn advanced ways of formatting, creating and modifying a document using JavaScript. You will make use of the new browser APIs and mobile devices capabilities. You will learn how to create and animate graphics using CSS3, Canvas objects and SVG format.
Design Patterns
You will learn the classic design patterns used in software development using examples and in specific applications. You will learn code refactoring using the patterns you have learned.
Programming in JavaScript
In this course, we will help you to enter the world of programming using JavaScript. You will learn the structure of the language, you will learn how to generate and handle events. You will change the DOM structure. You will understand functions, prototypes, and objects in JS, and you will be able to debug the code and use the new features available in ECMAScript. Most importantly, you will learn how to create useful web applications.
Front End Frameworks
You will learn the most popular JavaScript frameworks used in commercial applications – their usage as well as strengths and weaknesses. You will create an applied project using a selected framework (e.g. Angular, React, Polymer).
Recommended supplementary modules

Back End Development (15 ECTS)

It Project Management (14 ECTS)

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