Competencies confirmed by certificates
Practical education only!

Rules and dates of recruitment

Conditions of recruitment and forms of studies
for the first year students in the academic year 2018/2019


1. Recruitment for studies is carried out by the Recruitment Commission appointed by the Rector.

2. The Rector also appoints the Appeal Recruitment Committee.

3. Candidates holding a secondary school-leaving certificate – new and old matura type – are admitted until the limits of places are exhausted.

4. Winners and finalists of the Olympiads and Interschool Mathematical Competitions for upper secondary schools organized under the patronage of the Małopolska Superintendent of Education, are admitted to the first year of studies by enrollment.

5. Polish citizens and foreigners who have completed secondary education abroad may apply for admission to the first year of studies, provided that their secondary school-leaving certificate is comparable to the Polish secondary school-leaving certificate in accordance with § 3 point. 1 point 1 of the Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from September 9, 2009 amending the Ordinance on taking up and pursuing studies and training by foreigners and their participation in scientific research and development works. If there are no legal grounds for recognition of educational documents on the basis of international agreements, then a curatorial confirmation of the equivalence of a foreign secondary school-leaving certificate with a Polish certificate is required. The recruitment procedure is separate for these people, the Rector undertakes the decision on admission to studies.

6. Foreigners may be admitted to the university after fulfilling the requirements of § 2 para. 1 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education from October 12, 2006 on taking up and pursuing studies and training by foreigners and their participation in scientific research and development works, i.e.
– finish the one-year preparatory course to study in Polish in units designated by the Minister responsible for higher education,
– or have a certificate of Polish language knowledge issued by the State Commission for the Confirmation of Knowledge of the Polish Language as a Foreign Language,
– or obtain confirmation from the host university that their preparation and the level of Polish language skills allow them to study in Polish.

Information on other documents required from foreigners:


7. The following documents are required from the candidates for the first year of studies:

the application filled in according to the established formula,
secondary school-leaving certificate (original or copy) and secondary school-leaving certificate, if it is a separate document (may be photocopy),
photocopy of the ID card,
photocopy of a military book (in the case of men), or a statement
about belonging to the WKU and granted a military category
one photo ID card,
proof of registration fee.

8. Closing of recruitment for studies will take place after the limit of places is reached, however not later than until 30/09/2018.

9. In cases individually justified by random events, the Rector may allow the recruitment procedure to be carried out after this date.


1. Studies are conducted as full-time and part-time.
2. Recruitment for studies lasts from 15/05/2018 to 30/09/2018.