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Workshops with ABB!

Last Thursday, the Management and Accounting Department at WSEI hosted trainers from the company ABB. ABB is an international company with headquarters in Zurich and a leader in the field of industrial automation and robotics.

On Thursday, we touched on the following topics:

- Psychology in business and team work: how to deal with a conflict situation, how to be assertive in a work space,

- Relations with the manager: management style, motivations of employees (short-term, long-term, how it affects the development of the company).

The trainings were conducted for us by Anna Stach, Monika Kondek, Monika Karcz and Sebastian Wilk, who serve the markets of Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Benelux countries on a daily basis. We thank you for joining us, we’re already looking forward to the upcoming workshops and projects that we plan in collaboration with ABB.

The entirety of the event took place because of the fruitful  cooperation between the Career Office and the Department of Management and Accounting of the WSEI. See you at the next trainings!

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