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Great success of WSEI! Very good grades in the program evaluation report of the Team of Experts of the Polish Accreditation Committee

Dear Students,

We are very pleased to announce that the University of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow received a very good assessment of the Team of Experts of the Polish Accreditation Committee, which conducted a visit at the university of the following faculties: Management, Information Technology and Econometrics on July 12-15, 2013.

WSEI received a distinction in the „Concept of directions development” and „b. good „in the other 7 areas. Full table below.

We encourage you to read the fragments of the Report:

Evaluation criteria:

Criterion 1. The concept of development of assessed directions formulated by the unit

1. „The concept of education in the faculties is part of the University’s mission and its development strategy through the implementation of five key strategic priorities, including the orientation on the quality of education.”

2. „Academic staff, students and representatives of the labor market are included in the Patron’s Council Board in defining the concept of education as well as learning outcomes. The university makes good use of the possibilities of cooperation with internal stakeholders. Concepts reported by students are carefully considered at the meetings of bodies responsible for establishing the concept of education. „

Criterion 2. Coherence of the description of the goals and learning outcomes for the evaluated directions and a system confirming their achievement.

1. „The learning outcomes adopted for the evaluated courses are fully compliant with the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework and correspond to the concept of development of courses of study. The effects assigned to the direction of Management, as envisaged for the general academic direction, meet the requirements formulated for the area of ​​social sciences. The effects assigned to the field of Computer Science and Econometrics, as envisaged for the general academic direction, meet the requirements formulated for the area of ​​social and technical sciences. The graduate of both faculties for an expiring learning cycle is in line with educational standards.

2. „The learning outcomes for the evaluated courses are formulated in a comprehensible way and it is possible to check their implementation. The teaching concept expressed in the language of learning outcomes is completely transparent for students. They understand what skills and knowledge will be gained after the completed education cycle. „

3. „A transparent system of assessing learning outcomes is applied at the university. It enables proper verification of the assumed goals and evaluation of the achievement of learning outcomes at each of its stages. The assessment system is, to the extent necessary, disseminated and available to students. The grades are displayed in a transparent and understandable way for students. „

4. „The university monitors the career of its graduates in the labor market. The information obtained on this subject is used to improve the quality of the education process. „

Criterion 3. The program of studies makes it possible to achieve the assumed learning outcomes.

1. „The education program implemented in the assessed directions enables achievement of the objectives and learning outcomes adopted for them, and thus obtaining the assumed qualification structure of the graduate. The duration of education is appropriate, the choice of the content of education, forms of didactic classes and methods of education allow to achieve the assumed learning outcomes. The ECTS system is correctly constructed and used. The university applies solutions ensuring the necessary scope of individualization of studies. The organization of the teaching process is correct. „

2. „Learning outcomes, methods of their verification, curricular content, forms and didactic methods form a coherent whole. Apprenticeships are an integral part of the education program, and their organization and verification of the assumed learning outcomes are correct. „

Criterion 4. The number and quality of the teaching staff, and the ability to guarantee the implementation of the educational objectives of the study program.

1. „The minimum human resources for the first-cycle studies for both majors meets the requirements set out in the Ordinance of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 05/10/2011.”

2. „The number of academic teachers and their qualification structure makes it possible to implement learning outcomes. In the case of the faculty, HR management usually represents the field of economic sciences and discipline: management sciences, finance and economics, as well as such disciplines as law, psychology, sociology and IT, which is justified in the study program. In the case of Computer Science and Econometrics, the staff generally represent two areas of education: social sciences representing economic sciences and social sciences as well as technical sciences representing the discipline: information technology, which is justified in the study program. In addition, foreign language teachers are employed. „

3. „The academic achievements of the staff creating a minimum human resources in the field of Management are related to the discipline of management science, finance and economics, which corresponds to the assumed effects of education. People creating a minimum human resources are 4 homelands



The degree of fulfillment of the criterion

Distinctively (6)





1.The concept of directions development


2.The goals and effects of education and the system of their verification


3.Study programme


4.Human resources


5.Didactic infrastructure


6.Conducting scientific research


7.Student support system in the learning process


8.Internal Quality Assurance System


In the self-assessment report, the University identified the strengths and weaknesses of education in the field of study, which in the opinion of the Evaluation Team will help the University to implement the development strategy. Directions may develop and maintain, which requires continuous improvement of the educational offer in order to adapt it to the requirements of the labor market. The internal system of quality assurance of education indicates the appropriate strengths of the teaching process (such as cooperation with the SME sector, student’s orientation to management of the objectives) and signals the need to improve it in areas such as: making the form and content of lectures more attractive, more individualization of education, creating motivation for students, increasing the share of classes conducted in conditions similar to the work environment, internationalization of education. The significant effectiveness of the internal system of ensuring the quality of education allows to recognize that the university is able to develop directions and acquire candidates. An important factor in the development of the faculties may be cooperation with AGH and EU in the field of education at the level of second-cycle studies in these fields.

Full texts of reports on visits from both directions signed by the Chair of the Evaluation Team of the Polish Accreditation Committee, prof. dr hab. Danuta Strahl, are available for inspection at the university chancellery (in Polish):

  1. The education quality policy at WSEI
  2. National Qualifications Framework for higher education
  3. Directional learning outcomes
  4. University Internal Quality Assurance System
  5. Achievements in the field of education quality
  6. Articles devoted to the quality of education, recommended links