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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the recruitment deadline?
    The recruitment process will finish as soon as we reach the limit of places, however not later than on 30/09/2018. In special, justified situations, the Rector may allow the recruitment procedure to be carried out after the above-mentioned date.
  2.   What are the thresholds for particular fields of studies?
    We do not have strictly defined thresholds. The basis of qualification for studies is having secondary education (documented with a certificate) and submitting the required documents to the Recruitment Office, until – 30 September 2018.
  3.   I have completed an electronic form. Does it mean that I have been admitted?
    No. Completing the electronic form is the introduction to recruitment process. The next step is to assemble the required documents (https://www.wsei.edu.pl/wymagane-dokumenty), deliver them to the Recruitment Office and fill in documents such as the contract, a statement of consent to the processing of personal data and payment of the registration fee (there may be an earlier transfer – see point 2.). Then the ‚recruitment mission’ is completed.
    Remember, if you fill in the online form (status ‚recruitment finished’) you do not have to fill in the application form – the electronic form after printing performs both functions. You do not have to print it neither – we’ll do it at our location.
  4. Do I need a printed registration form with me when I submit my documents?
    No. After properly completing the electronic form, you can print it and take it with you to the Recruitment Office or ask us to print it. If you didn’t fill the electronic form, the application and the personal form have to be filled in the Recruitment Office.
  5. How should I pay for the recruitment procedure?
    The recruitment fee in the amount of 200 PLN can be paid by bank transfer  [PeKaO S.A. ul. Pijarska 1; 23 1240 4533 1111 0000 5423 5922, title: registration fee + name and surname of the candidate].
    As soon as you make the transfer, please send a confirmation to rekrutacja@wsei.edu.pl, providing your personal details.
    You can also pay in the Recruitment Office while enrolling for studies.
  6. I made a mistake in the electronic form. How to change it?
    Write an email to rekrutacja@wsei.edu.pl, describing what you want to change. Then, see point 4.
  7. I cannot complete the electronic registration despite the fact that I introduced  all information and I chose the specialty. What should I do?
    We choose specialties only during the course of the studies. In the electronic form, all data should be filled in without selecting a specialty. During registration, we choose only the field of study.
    In case of any doubts or problems related to the electronic registration system, please write to: rekrutacja@wsei.edu.pl
  8. I can not choose a specialty during electronic registration
    Go to point 7.
  9. Can I be sure that I was admitted to university after submitting documents?
    Yes. If you submit all the required documents and pay the recruitment fee, you can be sure you are admitted to the university. We recruit until we reach the limit of places, until September 30.
  10. How can I find out if I have been admitted?                                                                       If your portfolio is completed and the recruiter did not inform you about the need to submit any other documents, you will receive a registered letter with the decision. You will have to wait for it up to a month.
  11. Are studies at WSEI paid?
    Yes. WSEI is a private university. Tuition fees are paid both by full-time and part-time students. Table of university fees: https://www.wsei.edu.pl/oplaty-za-studia
  12. Are there masters at WSEI?
    No. We run bachelor and engineering studies.
  13. Are there part-time studies at WSEI?
    Yes. We conduct part-time studies on all offered courses.
  14. Are studies at WSEI are bachelor’s or engineering studies?
    It depends on the field of study. Graduating in the field of Computer Science gives you the title of an Engineer.
    In the case of Management and Finance and Accounting – you gain a bachelor’s degree.
  15. How often do you organize classes at part-time studies?
    Classes at part-time studies take place every two weeks. Classes start from Friday afternoon (5.00 P.M). On Saturdays and Sundays, you can expect approximately 9  teaching hours of classes.