Competencies confirmed by certificates
Practical education only!

Computer Science and econometrics – first-cycle degree studies (Bachelor)

wsei_emblemat_ranking_wprost_2 (1)What distinguishes computer science at WSEI compared to other universities!

  1. For us, IT is not just didactics! We also focus on the production and implementation of IT systems:
    The university consolidates IT companies around itself
    We work with serious business partners (including Microsoft, Capgemini, IBM)
    We’re working on starting the Technology Park.
  2. We set a goal: to be a leader in teaching Microsoft technologies in Lesser Poland. We rely solely on Microsoft’s development, database and server environments, and we’re really good at it!
  3. We have based teaching 100% on Microsoft’s commercial courses (Imagine Academy) CISCO (Cisco Academy), which are recognizable and appreciated all over the world.
  4. We train staff for ourselves and for our partners, so we have to do it at the highest level.
  5. Over half of our staff are practitioners who work in renowned IT companies on a daily basis, others are very talented didactics enthusiasts
  6. We train on several levels of difficulty, so everyone will find something for themselves:
    MOS and MTA examinations are a must for everyone, that’s why we give 1 voucher to students on a monthly basis as part of the tuition fee.
    We are preparing ambitious students for professional MCSA, MCSE and MCSD examinations for which we offer attractive discounts.
  7. To make it easier for students, we have launched our own exam center for Microsoft, CISCO exams (Certiport and Pearson VUE)In response to the needs of the labor market, we have completely re-modeled the study programs:
    The specialization starts from the 3rd semester! – you will have specialty subjects for 5 semesters
    All objects are constructed according to the principle of: minimum theory, maximum practice
    From the 4th semester you are ready to work in the IT industry
    In the 5th, 6th and 7th semester of each specialty, we carry out a project to build or implement a professional application / system / game.
    If you care about professional and quick preparation for work in the IT industry, then – as for today – there is no better option than studying at the University of Economics and Computer Science.

Engineering specialties:

Implementation of management support IT systems

Microsoft is a strategic technology partner of the university. Students carry out IT courses adapted to international standards, after which they have the possibility of taking Microsoft certification exams.



I have been teaching IT for over twenty years.
During all this time, I put emphasis on practical education, so that students have specific skills useful in the labor market.
The program of Computer Science and Econometrics developed by a wide team of specialists and implemented at WSEI perfectly fits in the trend of practical teaching.
Preparing it, we tried to maximally increase the number of classes giving specific, specialized skills currently sought on the labor market.
IT is a rapidly growing and multidirectional field.
We decided to specialize because we believe that it is better to develop a good specialist in one specific field than a person who knows everything but to a limited extent.
That is why we focused on Microsoft as a strategic partner, and making this choice we were guided primarily by the needs of the labor market, where specialists seeking knowledge of the company’s technology are constantly being sought for.


prof. Dariusz Put – head of the Department of Information Technology and Econometrics at WSEI