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FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING – first-cycle degree studies (Bachelor)

What makes finance at WSEI stand out from other universities?

1. This is a unique study implemented in partnership with the Association of Accountants in Poland! Our students take certified courses run by the Association’s trainers as part of their studies.
2. We focus on modern technologies that support the work of an accountant, financier and controller.
3. Nowadays, employees who can fully use the financial and accounting system, data warehouse, document circulation system can be several times more efficient than their colleagues who do not have these skills. Our graduates make an impression on employers in this respect and often introduce very significant improvements in companies.
4. We create and implement professional financial and accounting systems, document workflow, and controlling. Our competence in the field of IT tools is confirmed by the fact that we create and implement them ourselves in leading Polish and international companies. Our best students have the opportunity to gain experience in real projects carried out in teams with computer science students and external experts.
5 . We provide a very solid knowledge of Excel, Word, Sharepoint. Thanks to this knowledge you will be prepared to work on both managerial and specialist positions. You will stand out from other employees of the company with the ability to create a professional document, report, calculation and budget. These competences are very much appreciated today.
6. We are an authorized Microsoft exam center in the field of office, management and development tools. As part of the tuition fee, students receive free vouchers for examinations known and valued around the world.
7. We work with both outsourcing centers and leading companies recruiting financiers, accountants, controllers – Capgemini, IBM, Maspex.

8. Employees and trainers of partner companies can be found at thematic workshops, on practices and during regular classes and lectures.
9. We separate important and useful competences from mindless cramming of things that often change. Many universities approach accounting and finance in the same way as science. The difference is that mathematics, physics do not change, and finance and accounting -they do.
10. We present the most difficult issues in a simple way. Unlike many Polish universities, where the simplicity of knowledge transfer discredits the lecturer.
11. We focus on foreign languages. For the willing, we run additional courses within the subjects to choose from. For the most ambitious, we offer selected subjects in English.



Information about specialties

By choosing the specialties offered in the field of Finance and Accounting, you will provide yourself with detailed knowledge, competences and practical skills important on the labor market.

Accounting in the practice of companies and institutions – graduates are prepared to work in the financial and accounting departments of units from the commercial, public and non-profit sectors, as well as in specialized in this area companies.

Controlling and corporate finance – graduates are prepared to work in the finance, controlling, analysis and management accounting departments of consulting companies and in the financial services sector – banks, insurance companies, brokerage offices, investment funds.

Staff and wages in the practice of companies – graduates are prepared to perform independent HR, payroll, HR and payroll functions and can take up a job in payroll departments of companies and institutions.


Strategic partners of the faculty of Finance and Accounting


Prof. Artur Hołda

Developed at the University of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow (WSEI), an innovative program for the FINANCE and ACCOUNTING courses is a unique concept of education in the field of knowledge, competences and practical skills. The program, as well as the ways of providing practical information, is based on many years of experience of didactic people and scientists in application fields. Above all, however, it was consulted with employers and their expectations regarding people undertaking activity on the modern labor market – both in international corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as trying to run their own business. Finance and Accounting at WSEI is a course for people with broad horizons, creative but also eager to obtain applied knowledge, and after graduating from university wanting to be prepared to perform a specific profession. As a person working at universities, but also internships and contractor cooperating with local enterprises and companies with a global reach, I can recommend this direction with full confidence – because it is a good basis for your professional future :).

Professor Associate. dr hab. Artur Hołda, SKwP