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Erasmus + program


Dear Student!

We are a development-oriented university, which offers you the opportunity to take advantage of one of the largest programs in the field of education, which is the Erasmus + program!
As a part of this program, you can take part in student exchanges or foreign internships.

We are characterized by:

– individual approach to a student applying for a trip
– motivation and support aimed at presenting a specific trip offer
– help in completing all formalities

Your benefits resulting from student exchanges are primarily:

– perfecting a foreign language in international organizations, universities and other institutions
developing social and multicultural skills
enriching with new professional experience
making friends, contacts, friendships
in the future, prospects for finding an interesting job

Remember that:

– travels educate
– knowledge of a foreign language is always welcomed
Your CV will be attractive to your future employer


Internships within the Erasmus + Program
As part of the organization of foreign internships, your tasks include:

– preparing a CV in English
– choosing the place and country you want to leave
– confirmation of acceptance for foreign practices from the receiving Institution
– organization of the travel plan
– buying insurance that protects you from unfortunate accidents

Links that you can use:


In accordance with the mission of the university and its assumptions, we invite you to take advantage of our current travel offers.


Student exchange as part of the Erasmus + Program
As part of student exchange, you must meet the following formalities:

select a shared course from Partner Universities available in current travel offers
complete the language test available on the OLS platform https://erasmusplusols.eu/pl
take part in the recruitment process
(you will receive from the University a nomination which: will confirm your level of English, sum up the previous achievements and for the opinions of individual units of the University of EEE (Career Office, Dean’s Office and Foreign Language Center) recommends you as a student who meets formal requirements related to the trip)
you will sign the Learning Agreement (including the acceptance of the Erasmus + Program Coordinators for subjects that will be implemented in the University of your choice)
you will receive a scholarship in the amount determined individually according to the guidelines for EU and other countries
at all stages you will receive support from the Erasmus + Program Coordinator, who supervises the proper course of student exchange

Remember about:

completing the language test
signing the Learning Agreement
buying insurance (eg EKUZ Card, EURO 26, ISIC) and insurance against personal accidents

Want to know more, contact us:

Coordinator: Barbara Wachułka-Kościuszko

email: bwachulka@wsei.edu.pl


Download Fact Sheet for Incoming Students

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Download current English language course catalog (please ask about courses availability)

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