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Student Council

From the very beginning of the existence of WSEI Student Council, we actively participate in the life of the school. The scope of our activity is so wide that each student can find a suitable field for the implementation of their interests, as well as help in solving various difficult life or scientific problems. The main areas of activity of the local government are: sports and cultural events, charity and social events, editing of the student magazine „Smart”, student conferences and scientific circles, organizational and living matters, animating social life, participation in educational fairs. Various workshops are organized to improve knowledge and skills as well as to expand interests that go beyond the framework of study plans and programs (journalism, photography workshops, interpersonal training). We organize trips to Zakopane, Warsaw and Zawoja on our account, and annual ski trips are already a regular point of the program.

People involved in the activities of the Student Council thus gain competences desired by employers, such as self-confidence, team work skills, creativity, good work organization, communicativeness, focus on goals, etc. We invite all active students to our ranks.


The Student Council also actively participates in the life of all Krakow’s students through membership in the Agreement of Student Associations at the University of Krakow, and participates in the work of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

The most interesting initiatives taken and implemented by the local government included, among others:

• photographic workshops and competitions ended with an exhibition of the awarded works

• organization of charity events (two editions of the project Do not Be Wicked to Share Grosiem – collection of toys and money for children in orphanages in Poland, collection of money for children from the Central African Republic, annual blood donation campaigns and Field of Hope – support for the Hospice St. Lazarus in Krakow)

• organization of Juvenalia, Kulturalia and other occasional events

• winter training and integration trips to Zawoja (including sports and personal development workshops)

• meetings with prominent figures in the world of business and culture (including Ewa Drzyzga, Dorota Wellman, and Robert Górski)

• sports competitions (including intercollegiate volleyball tournament, annual ski camp, dance courses, self-defense courses, climbing club)


Contact Us:

WSEI Student Council  samorzad@wsei.edu.pl

ul. Św. Filipa 17, 3rd floor.

WSEI Students Council Authorities: 

  • Maggie Bartnik – chairwoman
  • Kuba Kulikowski – vice-chairman
  • Krzysztof Kaim – vice-chairman
  • Tomasz Grochowski – chancellor
  • Justyna Stanek – treasurer



  • Bartłomiej Czarnota
  • Bogusław Dunikowski
  • Kajetan Jóźwiak
  • Filip Lipowiecki
  • Michał Madejski
  • Karol Marszalik
  • Michał Piątkowski
  • Szymon Przybyszewski
  • Damian Tomczyk
  • Eryk Wajs
  • Joanna Zubilewicz


Contact us:

  • FB: https://www.facebook.com/SSWSEI
  • E-mail: samorzad@wsei.edu.pl
  • Office: Św. Filipa Street 17