Martyna Kowalczyk | WSEI Kraków
13 December 2019

Growing Popularity of English language Programmes in Poland—Rebranding the Polish Education System

In recent times, Poland has been rebranding itself as one of the top destinations for Higher Education in the English language. In light of this rebranding, […]
12 December 2019

WSEI is now open to foreign students!

We are pleased to inform you that we have received a positive decision from the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, according to which we can […]
12 December 2019

Hult Prize comes to WSEI!

Hult International Business School organized an informational event that guided WSEI students into coming up with business ideas they think could change the world! Hult Prize […]
19 September 2019

Women in Tech Summit, Warsaw 2019

Are you interested in participating in the largest IT and Tech conference in Europe?   Look no further, this November, the city of Warsaw will see […]
9 August 2019
WSEI strategie


WSEI is one of the first colleges in Poland that remodelled the approach to the specialty (in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry) Most universities […]
1 August 2019

Have a look at what our hackathon SheepYourHack 2019 was like!

Have a look at what our hackathon SheepYourHack 2019 was like! Did you know that WSEI is famous for the coolest hackathon in town? Along with […]