Competencies confirmed by certificates
Practical education only!

Computer networks administration


Engineering studies. Specialists in computer networks are trained in this specialization. During the studies, there are preparations for CISCO CCNA and Microsoft MCSA certified exams. The acquired practical skills, confirmed by recognized certificates, will allow you to find an interesting and well-paid job.


As a graduate you will be able to:

design, integrate and manage networks of various scale of integration, range and size,
design, re-design and implement a computer network, taking into  account the issues of scalability, availability, performance and security,
make the right choice of routing protocol and switching according to market demand, including VoIP networks.

You will also have the knowledge:

concerning routing and switching over computer networks,
enabling building and addressing networks based on a hierarchical model, taking into account redundancy, modularity, IP addressing, classless routing and route aggregation for Campus and Data Center networks,
covering issues concerning the security of wired and wireless networks, the AAA model and VPN networks.

Thanks to participation in the CISCO Academy program implemented at the university, you will gain practical competences related to the configuration of network devices L2 and L3. The study process also includes preparation for CISCO certification at the CCNA and Microsoft level at the MCSA level.



  • Cisco Certified Network Associate – a four-semester course preparing for the CISCO Certified Exam at the CCNA level.
  • Three exam preparation items for Microsoft, pass all of them to the title of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – Windows Server:
  • Installation and configuration of the Windows server (Microsoft 70-410 exam)
  • Administering the Windows server (Microsoft 70-411 exam)
  • Administering Windows server services (Microsoft 70-412 exam)
Download the full list of subjects in pdf


During the first year you will cover- common for all specialties – subjects such as: Introduction to programming, Architecture of computer systems, Operating systems and computer networks, Introduction to databases, Introduction to web technologies. They will help you decide in which direction to continue your education. The specialty is chosen at the end of the first year of studies and implemented from the third semester.

In the specialty Computer Network Administration, the focus is on acquiring network design and management skills. In the course of education, two stages are carried out in parallel: CISCO Certified NetworkAssociate and specialization in the administration of Windows servers.

During the last three semesters, you will prepare a computer network project, execute it and develop full documentation.



  • Network Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Consultant
  • Network Consulting Engineer (Routing & Switching)
  • Network Operator
  • Data Network Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network and Security Engineer
  • Network Engineer – CCNA
  • Network Operator (CISCO)
  • Network Engineer (Security, AAA)
  • Back Office IP Engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Network operator


Piotr PudełkoI have over twenty years of experience working with students as a lecturer and as an employee dealing with computer networks and systems in large international companies. I continually broaden and deepen my knowledge on numerous courses and trainings, and then I share it as best as I can with students, providing them not only with theoretical but also practical knowledge pertain to the most modern IT fields in the field of computer networks and computer systems. The study program has been designed so that the knowledge acquired by students during studies is reflected in the labor market. Observing the Małopolska labor market, Kraków has become a field of outsourcing over a dozen or so years. I am convinced that the knowledge gained during my studies will make finding an attractive job much easier. During the studies there are carried out preparatory subjects for CISCO CCNA and MCSA certified exams, which will allow future employees to be competitive on the modern labor market.

Piotr Pudełko, an expert on network administration.
He worked, among others at IFS CEE, Grupa Szkoleniowo Doradcza Biznes-Projekt Sp. z o.o.
Currently employed as a Network Support Specialist in an international company.



1 voucher per term for Microsoft exam (MOS or MTA) – market value of the package PLN 1,300                      A package of 4 Microsoft courses preparing for MOS and MTA certificates within standard subjects – the market value of the same commercial training on the market is min. 6,000
A package of 3 Microsoft courses preparing for professional certification (MCP path) in the field of programming and testing applications within standard subjects – the market value of the same commercial training on the market is min. 10,000
A package of 4 CISCO courses preparing for the CCNA exam – the market value of the same commercial trainings on the market is min. 3.5 thousand
70% Discount for the CCNA exam
30% Discount for MCSA, MCSE, MCSD examinations


First year: 2800 PLN * / semester (or 590 PLN / month paid in 5 installments per semester)
Following years: 3300 PLN * / semester (or 690 PLN / month paid in 5 installments per semester)

* Studies last 3.5 years – 7 semesters.


Partner of the Faculty of Computer Science and the specialty Computer Network Administration