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Windows Server Administration

About the module

The module is recommended for people who want to deal with the administration of the Windows server professionally. You will learn to install and configure a Windows server, administer processes and services for that server, and manage users. You will learn how to configure a Windows server to work in a computer network.

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141 ECTS

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Windows Server Administration


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Courses included in the module:

Windows server services administration
You will learn about Windows server services and learn how to administer them. You will learn, among other things, how to configure services related to files, business continuity, failover, network, identity and access.
Installation and configuration of the Windows server
As part of the course, you will learn the basics of managing MS Windows Server, including managing roles such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Hyper-V.
Windows server administration
As part of the course, you will gain knowledge related to advanced aspects of MS Windows Server management, by learning how to manage roles such as Active Directory Certificate Services, Remote Access, Network Policy Server, Network Access Protection, WSUS, as well as aspects of implementing MS Windows over a computer network using WDS and aspects of optimizing the role of a file server.

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Windows Server Administration

Windows Server Administrator

CISCO Network Management
Windows Server Administration

Network Engineer

Zarządzanie sieciami Cisco naszym zdaniem najbardziej pasuje do Administracja Windows Server. Ponadto, wybierając tą ścieżkę będziesz mieć terminy zajęć zgrane ze sobą. W przypadku wyboru innej ścieżki będziesz musiał sobie sam dopasować takie grupy zajęciowe, które ze sobą nie kolidują. We strongly recommend you choose the CISCO Network Management module after you complete the Windows Server Administration module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

MSc.Eng Piotr Pudełko

A practitioner, educator with over 20 years of experience as a network operator. His motto at work is: "The world will be inhabited by a networking society." Currently, he works at IBM as a network engineer.

Module coordinator recommendation

The module perfectly complements  Microsoft MTA training and is a strong knowledge and practice base for people who expect theoretical and practical preparation in their IT careers. It addresses all important aspects that should be considered during installation, implementation, maintenance and ensuring high availability of a business environment based on the Windows Server platform.