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Front End Development

About the module

Front End Development module created for those students who intend to work as Front End Developers or develop their skills to become Full Stack Developers.

It is based on knowledge acquired during the Introduction to web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) course and allows students to develop their programming skills using Javascript and Typescript. While learning front end programming languages, we also pay attention to good practices by familiarizing students with the most commonly used design patterns. New patterns can later be recognized and applied in projects built using a chosen framework (Angular, React, Vue).

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To get a Bachelor of Engineering degree, you need to obtain at least 210 ECTS.

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141 ECTS

Obligatory courses in computer studies and econometrics


Front End Development


Other modules or elective courses

Courses included in the module

Programming in JavaScript
We will help you to enter the world of programming using JavaScript. You will learn the structure of the language, how to create and handle the events. You will change the DOM structure. You will understand functions, prototypes, and objects in JS, and you will be able to debug the code and use the new features available in ECMAScript. Most importantly, you will learn how to create useful web applications.
Design Patterns
You will learn the classic design patterns used in software development basing on the examples in specific applications. You gain an understanding of code refactoring using the patterns you already know.
Front End Frameworks
You will learn the most popular JavaScript frameworks used while designing commercial applications. We will pay attention to their usage as well as strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you will create an applied project using a selected framework (e.g. Angular, React, Polymer).
Web Applications Programming (C)
This is an advanced course in HTML5, CSS3, and JS. You will learn advanced ways of formatting, creating, and modifying a document using JavaScript. You will make use of the new browser APIs and mobile devices’ capabilities. You will learn how to create and animate graphics using CSS3, Canvas objects, and SVG format.

Your education path

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Consider the following options:
Front End Development

Front End Developer

Back End Development
Front End Development

Full Stack Developer

Front End Development
IT Project Management

Front End Developer Team Lead

Front End Development
Innovation design

UI/UX Designer

We strongly recommend you choose the Back End Development module after you complete the Front End Development module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

Ryszard Brzegowy, MSc Eng.

A trainer with years of experience in the areas of presentation and advertising campaigns on the Internet. The owner of, which deals with the website developing and optimization in terms of SEO/SEM activities.

Module coordinator recommendation

This module will require a lot of work, not only during classes but, most of all, in the meantime. I can promise it. In return, you will follow the complete path leading to the position of Front End Developer. You will be well prepared for different tasks thanks to the newest technologies we will teach you.

Front End Development module doesn’t include learning HTML. You will maintain it instead and develop by using the latest version of JavaScript, as well as the classic design and architecture patterns used while creating the best applications and websites. You will also create your own solutions using Angular, React, and Vue frameworks. It’s interesting and intensive.