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Database Design and Administration in the MS SQL Server Environment

About the module

In this module, we focus on the SQL Server database. It is currently one of the most popular and technologically advanced platforms for data management.  You will get acquainted with advanced issues related to the design of professional databases, with particular emphasis on their performance and security. You will also be able to write advanced and, above all, efficient queries on large collections. You will also immerse yourself in programming (T-SQL), which will allow you to write advanced procedures and functions. Finally, you’ll get a solid dose of knowledge about database administration.

The module is recommended for future professionals who want to deal with database design, operation or administration professionally.

If you are a beginner, you should consider the Database Design module first.

Module coordinator:

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141 ECTS

Obligatory courses


Datbase Design and Administration in the MS SQL Server Environment


Other modules or elective courses

Courses included in the module:

Advanced T-SQL queries

You will learn to write complex queries in T-SQL. You will master the instructions for data manipulation (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). You will learn to create views, manage errors and NULL values.

Database design and operation (T-SQL)

You will learn the principles of effective database design and operation. You will learn to create a database model tailored to your business needs, program data flow support, handle exceptions and errors, and manage performance.

Administration of SQL Server

You will learn how to manage data stored in databases and their users. You will learn how to backup and restore a database after a failure. You will get to know administrator tools for monitoring the database system and affecting its performance. Practical classes will be held using MS SQL Server.

Azure cloud databases

You will learn how to use Azure cloud databases. You will learn how to create servers, their instances and implement databases on Azure virtual machines. You will learn to manage database security in the cloud, optimize your database system and manage SQL Server instances.

Your education path

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Database Design
Database Design and Administration in the MS SQL Server

Database SQL Server Programmer

Interactive Multimedia
Database Design and Administration in the MS SQL Server

Back End Computer Games Programmer

We strongly recommend you choose the Database Design module after you complete the Database Design and Administration in the MS SQL Server Environment module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

Prof. Dariusz Put

A teacher and practitioner specializing in databases, with many years of experience in using MS Access in teaching and for implementing databases. Author of several textbooks on databases, including one in English, plenty of teaching materials as well as several complete projects in which MS Access was used as a database system.

Module coordinator recommendation

The module is dedicated to people who want to specialize in Microsoft database technologies. You will learn the T-SQL language in detail, learn how to implement a database, manage data and administer the SQL Server system. You will learn how to use Azure technology to collect and store data in the cloud. Knowledge and skills acquired in class will be an excellent complement to the engineer’s diploma and a pass to an interesting and well-paid job.