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CISCO Network Management

O module

Moduł jest rekomendowany dla osób, chcą się specjalizować w sieciach CISCO.

Dowiesz się, jak zaprojektować sieć komputerową o różnej skali integracji, zasięgu i wielkości oraz jak zarządzać taką siecią. Dzięki uczestnictwu w programie Akademii CISCO realizowanym w ramach tego modułu uzyskasz kompetencje praktyczne związane z konfiguracją urządzeń sieciowych CISCO. Program modułu obejmuje także przygotowanie do certyfikacji CISCO na poziomie CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

Module coordinator:

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141 ECTS

Obligatory courses


CISCO Network Management


Other modules or elective courses

Courses included in the module

Cisco Certified Network Associate 1 – Certificate
The first of four preparation courses for the CISCO certified exam. It includes basics of computer networks, selected protocols, and discussion of OSI / ISO model network layers. The course prepares for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate exam.
Cisco Certified Network Associate 2 – Certificate
The second of four CISCO certified exam preparation courses. It includes, among others issues such as switches, routers, virtual LANs and DHCP and DNS services.
Cisco Certified Network Associate 3 – Certificate
The third of four CISCO certified exam preparation courses. It includes, among others issues such as: larger scale networks, wireless networks, links and their aggregation, IOS images and licenses. The course prepares for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate exam.
Cisco Certified Network Associate 4 – Certificate
The last of four preparation courses for the CISCO certificate exam. It includes, among others hierarchical network design issues, WAN connection, selected protocols, broadband solutions, VPN networks, and monitoring and troubleshooting of computer networks. Prepares for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate.

Your education path

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Consider the following options:
CISCO Network Management

CISCO Network Engineer

CISCO Network Management
Windows Server Administration

Network Engineer

We strongly recommend you choose the Windows Server Administration module after you complete the CISCO Network Management module. By selecting this option, you can be sure that your schedule won't include classes conducted at the same time. In another way, you may need to attend classes with different groups to avoid overlaps.

MSc.Eng Piotr Pudełko

A practitioner, educator with over 20 years of experience as a network operator. His motto at work is: "The world will be inhabited by a networking society." Currently, he works at IBM as a network engineer.

Module coordinator recommendation

This module allows students to acquire practical knowledge fundamentals according to the certified CISCO Networking Academy training. The module is for those who expect to be prepared for their IT career both theoretically and practically.