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Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Type of degree
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Type of program
traditional, full-time, campus-based
Program duration
3,5 years (7 semesters)
Medium of instruction
Strategic partner

About the program

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the Polish leaders in teaching Microsoft technologies. Our courses are based entirely on Microsoft development, database, and server environments. We are extremely good at what we do! As part of your curriculum, you will take many courses based entirely on Microsoft’s (Imagine Academy) and CISCO (Cisco Academy) commercial courses, recognizable and appreciated all over the world. We educate IT specialists with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Starting from the 3rd semester, our students can design their future careers by choosing from expert modules within the study programs (specializations). That allows them to develop their professional skills focusing on the particular, in-demand field.

Program advantages

You will get a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. WSEI is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee and recognized in and outside of the EU.

We are one of the Polish leaders in teaching Microsoft technologies.

MOS and MTA examinations are a must-have for everyone, so you will receive 1 exam voucher per semester free of charge.

We have established several valuable business partnerships (including Microsoft, Capgemini, IBM, VMLY&R).

Your study program includes expert courses conveniently packed into modules, which will help you to develop skills demanded in the job market.

Our courses are deeply practical and workshop-oriented. You will perform tasks and applied projects in pairs and groups.

More than half of our teaching staff consists of industry practitioners who work in renowned IT firms. The rest of them are passionate educators with years of experience.

We have modern, bright, and well-equipped classrooms on two campuses at the very heart of the beautiful Cracow.

Each WSEI student gets access to the free Microsoft Ofice 365 software package.

We encourage our students to register their ideas in the university’s base of study projects. The authors of the best solutions get an opportunity to develop their concepts in WSEI’s Technology park. Moreover, the Technology park accepts the orders from its business partners, so students have a chance to develop and launch a real-life product as part of their project classes.

You start specializing in your 3rd semester by choosing at least one expert module from several options available within the selected study program. Moreover, you can study additional modules or courses related to different faculty, i.e. Business Psychology or Innovation Design.

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Design your study program

In your first year, you take obligatory courses, and later, starting with the third semester (that is your second year), you choose what you want to study. How?
It is easy. Choose at least one module (formerly called a specialty) which is most interesting for you and then continue along the chosen path till the end of your studies. If you wish, you can take the next modules or individual subjects – including those from other fields of study. All modules you complete will be visible on your diploma.

See the list of obligatory courses

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What can you become?

Once you graduate Computer Science program, you won’t need to search for a job. The recruiters will find you by themselves! Check out what modules combinations will make you a more valuable candidate in the job market and get your dream job.

Eng.D. Dariusz Put

Head of the Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Research

I have been teaching IT specialists for over twenty years. All this time I focus on practical teaching to enable students to obtain specific skills that are useful in the job market. The Computer Science study program at WSEI is created by a wide range of specialists and perfectly fits in practical teaching. When we were preparing this degree course, we tried to extend a number of particular, specialty skills that are in-demand in the job market. We have decided on modules because we think that it is better to educate a professional in one field than a person who knows everything to a limited extend. That is why we have chosen Microsoft as our strategic partner and by making this choice we took into consideration the needs of a job market. Professionals who know the technologies of Microsoft are sought-after in the job market.

Konrad Krawczyk

The graduate of Computer Science program, UX & UI Design Lead / Capgemini

I’ve been managing many UX & UI projects for a variety of clients for over 10 years of my career. Starting from small enterprises to advanced systems for well-known brands. During this period I’ve been asked to lead teams of different sizes in the agencies, startups as well as big companies. I strongly believe that each university should choose the path WSEI chose a few years ago. It’s essential to focus on a practical approach because just a diploma is not enough in the IT industry. The experience and skills matter in the job market.