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Recruitment 2012/2013


We have  received high marks for the quality of training issued by the State Accreditation Committee.

Our studiesare aimed at gaining new knowledge in a chosen specialty and are relevant for the labour market needs and provide practical skills.

Our Postgraduate studiesalso provide the opportunity to acquire a new profession. For example, graduates of  health care management obtain permission to perform management functions in health care units. Graduates of  "Property Management", "Property agency" may apply for a licensed professional in real estate management and real estate agents, given by the Minister of Infrastructure. Graduates' property valuations "are able to obtain appraisal  permission.

Classesare organized in small groups, in a tutorial form, management workshops, seminars, using case study methods.

Theteaching method also involves teaching professionals – practitioners, managers of every day businesses and public institutions. These people occupy managerial positions in companies and are eager to share their managerial experience. Lecturers also occupy high positions in public administration, which shape the sphere of economic life. Postgraduate Students acquire specialized knowledge and so become competitive in the labor market. Companies appreciate the fact that employees are the greatest capital of the company and invest in human capital. A large number of postgraduate students studying in WSEI are financed by employers.

Studiesare organized as non-profit and financed with external resources, which makes their cost highly competitive with other universities. The tuition ranges from 2000.00 to 2700.00 zł zł, depending on the specialty. In addition, the candidates can apply for funding from the Employment Offices for the unemployed or from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities for the disabled under the programme "STUDENT II – lifelong learning".

The location of WSEI is attractivein the very centre  of Krakow, near the railway station and Galeria Krakowska – At Filipa St, classes are held in modern, air-conditioned rooms.

Studentsreceive teaching materials,  and can also benefit from E.WSEI EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM E-Learning. . Market research of our Graduates in polls underline that the classes are carried out in a transparent and communicative way when  presenting material. The Lecturers use case studies and use examples from real business practice. The teaching materials support the content covered in the course of study. Graduates appreciate the relationship between  course content and  economic reality.

Candidateshave a choice of the term of study: study I semester (5 months) and study II semester (10 months). Studies are organized in the evening, weekends or evening and weekend.
Students may be graduates of university studies, undergraduate or equivalent.

In addition topostgraduate studies the Managerial Studies Institute also organizes public lectures and readings of prominent economists, politicians and managers. The participants of these meetings are students, university staff, representatives of businesses, high school students and teachers. Guests of the university have already included, among others professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko (Globalization and  transformation and economic development of Poland), professor Kazimierz Poznanski, University of Seattle in the U.S. (The controversy against the privatization of the Polish economy), prof. Jerzy Hausner, Deputy Prime Minister (Quality of governance – Poland closer to the European Union), Dr. Francis Gaik, CEO of "principle" SA (Marketing mix instruments in implementing the company's marketing strategy), prof. Purchla, Director of the International Centre of Culture (Heritage and development. The experience of Cracow), Dr. Jaroslaw Pietras, Minister for European Affairs (State of Polish preparations for membership in the European Union), prof. Danuta Hübner, Commissioner for Regional Policy, European Union (Benefits and Costs of Polish accession to the Union).