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Najlepsza uczelnia w Małopolsce
w rankingu pracodawców WPROST
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Studia nawet w 1,5 roku
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Kompetencje potwierdzone certyfikatami
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Akademia technologii Microsoft
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Kształcimy praktycznie



STEP 1: fill in the form – you have three options
a) online – online registration form – available 24 hours a day (

After you correctly fill in the electronic form, you can print it out and take it to the Recruitment Office or ask for it to be printed out there. You do not fill in the application or the personal information questionnaire in this case.
b) You can fill in the form manually (download the forms from our website)
c) come to the Recruitment-Information Office and fill in the form there

STEP 2: Prepare all necessary documents

STEP 3: Pay for the qualification process – money transfer to this account or directly in the Recruitment Office

STEP 4: Submit the documents in the Recruitment-Information Office


Despite the online registration, the remaining documents are to be submitted in the Recruitment-Information Office!

The Recruitment-Information Office

  1. Św. Filipa 17, 31-150 Kraków
    tel. 12-431-18-90 wew. 110, 128
    gg 6969774