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Field of study: Management

Field of study: MANAGEMENT

The degree program in this field of study prepared with the help of specialists practitioners is based on an innovative idea, which includes educating in two fields i.e. Management and Finances. It constitutes a wide range of specializations, thus creating large possibilities of study individualization – in terms of the needs of companies and institutions. For the students’ choice there are „hard” specializations, based on the knowledge concerning finances, capital market, international business, practical accounting, investment and real estate as well as the „soft” specializations, directed more significantly towards social-humanities knowledge concerning the subjects of managerial psychology, marketing, PR, personnel management, tourism, communication an negotiation.

During the course at WSEI, the students will be a part of the Microsoft IT Academy program – a selection of subjects (among others: information technologies, IT in Management) preparing for the examinations and providing a chance of obtaining Microsoft certificates. Additionally, in every semester, the students receive a free voucher for the Microsoft exam worth 220zł and extra discounts for further certification.

Classic specializations:

“Companies need for specialists within management is not decreasing. It is still one of the professions of the future sought after on the job market.

Each field needs people who can not only design and manufacture a good product, but also those who are able to efficiently promote it on the market and sell it well. It also needs skillful and competent managers leading the team and whole organization. Company success and jobs depend on their abilities, skills and qualifications. I therefore encourage young talented people facing the choice of studies to take up their education on the Management field.

I recommend this field offered in the Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie. I am familiar with this academy, I know its curriculum, which is prepared with the help of employers and managers. I am also familiar with the academic staff largely consisting of practitioners”.

Ph.D Franciszek Gaik

Chairman at Rada Nadzorcza MPEC in Cracow

Vice president at Polski Klub Biznesu, former President of the board at Zasada S.A.