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Information technology in a company and e-business

Students in this specialty gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of managing companies with the use of new tools and information technologies, e.g. programming  languages, networks and equipment. They learn how to design algorithms, data structures; manage information; computerize a company; manage computer networks; implement decision support systems, expert systems and management systems; use Internet technologies to run an e-business. Graduates can work in various companies and institutions in positions dealing with management information systems.They also have factual and practical knowledge of how to run an e-business.

Major specialization subjects: 


  • Algorithms and Data Structures 
  • Operational Systems
  • Network Technologies 
  • Computer Systems Architecture 
  • Programming Methods and Languages
  • Databases
  • Information Management 
  • Management Information Systems
  • Information Systems Design 
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technologies
  • E-business Strategies and Methods 
  • E-business and Information Systems 
  • Internet Technologies
  • Website Design and Management