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Najlepsza uczelnia w Małopolsce
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Studia nawet w 1,5 roku
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Kompetencje potwierdzone certyfikatami
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Akademia technologii Microsoft
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Kształcimy praktycznie


For us IT is not just education!

We also focus on the production and implementation of IT systems:

  • The academy consolidates IT companies around itself
  • We cooperate with serious business partners (among others: Microsoft, Capgemini, IBM)
  • We are working to open the Technological Park.
  • We have set an objective: to be a leader in teaching the Microsoft technology in the Little Poland. We concentrate only on Microsoft developer, database, server environments and we are really good at it!
  • We have based our education 100% on the Microsoft commercial courses (Imagine Academy), CISCO (Cisco Academy), which are commonly recognized and acclaimed worldwide.
  • We train the staff for ourselves and our partners, so we must do this on the top level.
  • Over a half of our staff are practitioners working in renown IT companies on a daily basis; the remaining ones are very talented educators with a practical spirit.
  • We train on several levels of difficulty so everybody will find something for themselves:
  • MOS and MTA exams are obligatory for all students so we give them 1 voucher per semester that is included in the fee.
  • We prepare ambitious students to professional exams MCSA, MCSE, for which we offer attractive discounts.
  • To make it all easier for the students, we have opened our own examination center for Microsoft and CISCO exams (Certiport and Pearson VUE)
  • In a reaction to the market needs we have totally remodeled the course curricula:
  • Specialization starts already with the third semester! – you will have specialization subjects or 5 semesters
  • All subjects are designed according to the rule: minimum of theory, maximum of practice
  • You are ready to start work in the IT field already during the 4th semester
  • In the 5th,6th,7th semester we realize the project of implementation or building of a professional application/ system/ game

If you care about a fast and professional preparation for work in the IT field then, as of today, there is no better option than studying at Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki.



I have been training IT specialists for over twenty years.
For all that time, I have been focusing on practical education, so that the students have solid abilities which are useful on the job market.
The curriculum of the field Information Technology and Econometrics was prepared by a broad team of specialists and realized on WSEI it perfectly fits the trend of practical education.
Preparing it, we tried to maximize the number of subjects providing solid, specialized abilities sought ater on the job market.
IT is a field developing fast in many directions. We decided to have a specialization, as we believe it is better to train an expert in one particular field than a person who is familiar with all fields but only to a limited extent.
That is why we decided on Microsoft as a strategic partner, and making this decision, we were directed primarily by the requirements of the job market, where the specialists familiar with this company’s technologies are continuously wanted.


Prof. Dariusz Put – the director of Information Technology and Econometrics Faculty at WSEI


The strategic partner for the field of study Information Technology and Econometrics

The technological strategic partner of the academy is Microsoft. The students realize the IT courses adapted to the international standards, after which they are able to take the Microsoft certification exams.