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Najlepsza uczelnia w Małopolsce
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Studia nawet w 1,5 roku
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Kształcimy praktycznie


It is the first in Cracow idea of a practical education profile in the filed of finance and accounting.

This field is led in cooperation with finance-accounting companies (accountancy offices, auditing companies, company financial departments). The classes are mainly led by specialists practitioners in the form of seminars, workshops and consultations. A part of the curriculum is realized in enterprises and public institutions.

Apart from the subjects included in the curriculum, the students also take part in numerous workshops led by coaches from companies such as Cap Gemini, Maspex, IBM.

The curriculum of the course was created through consultation with employers and it is adequate to their needs.


The innovative curriculum prepared for the field of FINANCES ADN ACCOUNTING at the Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie is a unique idea of education in the knowledge, competence and abilities of a practical character. The curriculum as well as the methods of transferring practical information are based on long term experience of the individuals being the educators and scientists in the applied fields. Above all, however, it was consulted with employers and their expectations as to the individuals undertaking activity on the contemporary job market – both in international corporations, small and medium-sized companies and those trying their best in running their own business activity. Finances and Accounting at WSEI is the field for people with broad minds, creative but at the same time wanting to acquire applied knowledge and wanting to be prepared to pursue a specific occupation right after they finish their degree. As a person working on academies, but at the same time a practitioner and contractor cooperating with local enterprises as well as global scale companies, I can safely recommend this field of study – since it is a good basis for your professional future.

Prof. Artur Hołda, CICA (The Certified Internal Controls Auditor)